ALMA is a guidance pathway aimed at personal and professional growth to support people with migratory background in the fulfillment of their life project in Italy. 

Finding a job is a challenge for anyone. It is especially so for those who come from another country and are faced with difficulties that go beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. 

However, there are some actions you can take to present yourself at your best and let an employer understand that you are the best candidate for a job.

Watch our multilingual videos and get useful advice to achieve your goal.

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The Curriculum Vitae

how to write it

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and what is it for? What is the main information to include? Find it out in this video.

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The Curriculum Vitae

the best way to present it

Learn how to present your Curriculum Vitae (CV) clearly and effectively, so as to make a good impression on the employer. Listen to the tips we have prepared for you.

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The cover letter

how to structure it

What is a cover letter? Why do we have to write it? We explain it to you in this video.

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The cover letter

useful tips to make it unique

What information should you write in your cover letter to convince the employer that you are the person they are looking for? Try following these tips.

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Soft skills

what they are

Understanding what soft skills are and why they are valued in an application procedure is very important. We explain why in this video.

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Soft skills

include them in your CV

Describing the soft skills in your CV will help you in your application. Find out how and where to include them.

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The job interview

how to prepare

Going through a job interview can seem difficult. Find out in this video the strategies to overcome it in the best way.

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The job interview

how to present yourself

What to wear? which documents must you not forget? how to behave? In this video you will find the answers to your questions.

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10 rules

for maintaining a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude when looking for a job is the key to achieving your goal. Learn 10 tips that will help you keep your mood up and find the right spirit.

The project

ALMA is a training and guidance path towards employability designed for migrant women and unaccompanied minors residing in the Florence area with the aim of promoting their empowerment, autonomy and socio-economic inclusion.

15 women and 15 unaccompanied minors, coming from 11 different countries and guided by a multidisciplinary team of trainers, cultural mediators, educators and professional coaches had the opportunity to:

Thanks to a practical approach based on exercises, simulations and active sharing, all participants had the opportunity to learn useful information for their personal and professional growth and to train to face the challenge of the job search at their best.

Who we are

The ALMA training and guidance path was born from the collaboration between:

ITALIAHELLO which operates in the migration and reception sector, in particular on the issue of access to information as a fundamental tool for the autonomy of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It creates digital, free and multilingual information tools. It also develops paths of empowerment and mentorship, socio-cultural inclusion and job placement of citizens with a migration background.

NOSOTRAS works for the empowerment of women, the affirmation of citizenship and gender rights and the promotion of maternal and child health. It has opened help desks in the Florence area that offer accompaniment and information for job search, the response to social and legal problems and psychological support. It manages some shelters for women and for unaccompanied foreign minors.

The protagonists

Imelda Zeqiri

Trainer on women empowerment

“I wanted to present to the participants the existing opportunities in the job market so that they would be able to choose the best for themselves. I hope I have left some seeds that can germinate as soon as they are ready to explore the world.”

Yulian Lizzeth Matute Banegas

Partecipant, Honduras

“Before participating in the ALMA project, I was very insecure professionally. Thanks to the training and the individual support path, I learned to value my skills and face a selection procedure without too much fear. The desire to get involved has returned. I feel changed."

Rosine Ndizeye

Partecipant, Burundi

“The ALMA project helped me to believe in myself and my abilities again and encouraged me to never give up. It made me understand the importance of relating to others and sharing my experiences, so that they serve to motivate others or come up with new ideas.”

Leonardo Piva

Training and guidance expert

“For ALMA I accompanied a group of unaccompanied minors in defining their individual professional project. It is a path that has favored the broadening of horizons and stimulated their awareness, generating in each of them a new and positive perception of themselves and their future”

Randa Boultam

Partecipant, Marocco

“The ALMA project made me rediscover the desire to get involved and the grit to face every challenge head-on. Along the way, I discovered the possibility of becoming a tram driver and I'm working hard to obtain the necessary licence. It's great to have a goal and know how to achieve it.”

Takwa Bouali

Partecipant, Tunisia

“ALMA has been a enriching journey, which has allowed me to learn many new things both about the employment sector and about myself. In every activity I felt positive energy and much care from the trainers and the other people of the organizational team”

Valeria Santini

Entrepreneurship consultant and trainer

“After working on the professional profile, I found myself in front of new, more prepared women. Motivated and transformed by the "strength of doing". This is the expression that best describes "my students" who are proving to be able to do what is best for them.”

Imane Daraoui

Partecipant, Marocco

“The ALMA project enriched my knowledge of the professional world, but not only. I was able to network with interesting people and enjoy all the traning sessions"